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 Renegade : Bloodlines (Off the Deep End part 1)

Summary : After his parents deaths a nine year old Richard Grayson is plucked from Haly's Circus by Bruce Wayne. It is three years later when he dies and comes back that the fun starts. The boy does not know what he is in for when he is contacted by his Great, Great Grandfather and thinks it's a dream. But when he comes to fully and realizes what's happening it's to later to stop it. So he just has to endure until he can escape, and escape he wil. The blood of his grandfather that runs through his veins does not define him. He defines himself for the world to see.

Renegade : Set Fire To Your Ashes (Off The Deep End part 2)

Summary : Dick Grayson has finally escaped the Court of Owls. With Everything that's been happening he thirst for revenge. Things are already being set in motion and  by the time Batman realized he was organizing the fall of Gothamd criminal pyramid. But when he meets Batman, a man offering his help to the estranged teenager, will he be willing to let the man in enough to see just how badly the Court had messed up his head. It is now a forgien feeling to have someone care about you. He still loves it.

Renegade : The Rise Of  Nightwing (Off The Deep End part 3)

Summary : Finally having been saved from the Court forever, Dick just wants to relax. But at the same time he can't just stay still and live a normal civilian life. So when he decides to join the Justice Leagues team Young Justice as Nightwing he is ready to take the world by storm. But the ghosts of the past aren't quite done with him yet when his killer, long presumed dead, shows his face again. And it is all Nightwing can do to keep his cool and help the team take the man down. Maybe this group would be good for him after all.


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