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Birthdate:Sep 17
Location:Oslo, Norway
I am a just a nineteen year old girl who is from Oslo, Norway. I spent the first ten years of my life here before we went to live in the USA for awhile. Now I am back with to much time on my hands and having been brought into the world of American entertainment in the form of superheroes and demigods.

I write fanfiction because I get bored. Sometimes I write it because I do not like the way something ended.

My hair is blond, hip length and straight. My eyes are brown, the same color as mud. I am about five foot seven and my skin is pale.

I love Batman and all of the members of the Bat Family whether it is by blood or not. I hate seeing them all sad but at the same time I like to put them in bad situations and write about the effects on their psyche.

I'm cruel, I know, but you get used to it. When I start posting story's made you'll learn to love them. I've got several in the making.

Interests (44):

ac/dc, ant man, avengers, batman animated movies, batman movie series, batman the animated series, batman: arkham verse, breaking benjamin, bring me the horizon, captain america, combat training etc., death leopard, five finger death punch, get scared etc, gotham, grayson comics, guitar etc, heroes of olympus, hunting, jack blank, jupiter ascending, justice league animated movies, kane chronicles, kingdom keepers, listening to music, magnus chase, man of steel, metallica, painting, percy jackson, reading, reading and writing fanfiction, reading comic books, red robin comics, singing music, sketching, skillet, teen titans (all comics), the suicide room, thousand foot krutch, tim drake pre-reboot, writing, young justice, young justice comics etc
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